Gluten Free Friday Radio Spot! Interview on AM1130 Today with Jessica Samuels (4:30 PST)

17 Jun

I’m going to be interviewed today at 4:30 PST on AM1130 by fellow Jessica Samuels, fellow Celiac & radio host extraordinaire! In the interview I will probably mention a few resources as well as favourite recipes, so I wanted to put them here so you can have a quick reference guide if you’re listening to the show! Here goes…

My Top 10 Favourite Easy Gluten Free Meals

These are some easy meal ideas for those who are newly diagnosed and trying to figure out what they can eat! It can be very overwhelming at first, but try these recipes, and you’ll realize right away that food can be both tasty and gluten free!

  1. Mushroom Chicken Risotto (my fave!)
  2. Canadiana Cajun Rice Bowl
  3. Chicken Saltimbocca 
  4. Chicken and Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce on Jasmine Rice (what can I say, mushroom & chicken is a heavenly combo!)
  5. Moroccan Chickpea Salad (serve grilled chicken breast-yum!)
  6. Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki and Rice
  7. Poutine (need I say more?!)
  8. Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas 
  9. The Best Asparagus Soup You’ve Ever Had. Ever. 
  10. BBQ Veggie and Chicken Quesadilla (great for summer!)

Eating Out: Kelowna Gluten Free Dining in Style

Check out my favourite gluten free “safe” haunts in here in Kelowna. And check out the Kelowna Celiac Association’s Kelowna dining list as well-it’s pretty comprehensive!

There’s more to come-stayed tuned!

I will add references to anything I mention in the show. Thanks for listening!


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