Save-On-Foods: Gluten Free Product List

28 May

I’ve been impressed by the increased gluten free product selection at Save-On-Foods; I’ve also seen this echoed at Safeway, with little “this is gluten free” signs around the store. No matter what the reason behind it, I think it’s great that these mainstream Canadian stores are increasing their allergy awareness!

The Save-On-Foods in Kelowna (Orchard Plaza) has become a great resource in letting people know about the new products they’re carrying; they send updates to the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Celiac Association, which makes me want to support that particular store more often! The following letter was posted on  the Kelowna Celiac Association’s website – click here to read the original post.

Save-On-Foods: Gluten Free Update

by Dave Blackmore, Store Manager Orchard Plaza Save-On-Foods

I am excited to announce that we are currently working on a gluten free link on our website and we are looking at improving packaging and labelling on our Western Family products to indicate gluten free. Soon I will be able to share a detailed product list of Western Family products that are gluten free.

Here is an updated list of the products that we have listed in our Save-On-Foods stores which are gluten-free. As we all know, manufacturers are forever changing ingredients and the labelling is not a great reflection to whether products are truly gluten free.

Hopefully there will be an improvement in ingredients labelling in the near future.

If the group can take into account the product list attached is current providing there is not a recipe change from the manufacturer on the listed products.

We will continue to update you as we procure new gluten-free products. We are very excited that we have now listed some more Udi bread lines in our bakery.  The cinnamon raisin bread is EXCELLENT!

Best Regards,

Dave Blackmore
Store Manager
Save-On-Foods #980
Orchard Plaza Kelowna


One Response to “Save-On-Foods: Gluten Free Product List”

  1. David W Harper May 28, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Great post…. this is definately something for me to look into !!!!!!


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