Gluten-free goes mainstream – article from the Edmonton Journal

4 Jan

My friend Nesta sent me this article from the Edmonton Journal – it was written by her friend, Jennifer Crosby! (Small world – I used to live in Edmonton too!)

Although I love living in Kelowna, as you can see from the article, Edmonton has some great gluten free resources!

Make sure to check out the gluten free perogy recipe at the bottom of the article – and watch for my own perogy recipe in the near future! (Yes, I made perogies, this time without making my kitchen look like a disaster zone!)

“Gluten-free goes mainstream”

“Would you like fries with that?” For the growing number of people being diagnosed with celiac disease, the answer likely has to be “No.”

Celiac disease causes the small intestine to be damaged by the protein gluten. Sufferers are unable to absorb many nutrients. Trouble is, gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. A diagnosis comes with a long list of foods now forbidden: obvious ones like cakes and breads, as well as those not immediately apparent, like deli meats and fries.

“If there is anything else on the menu that’s deep-fried, don’t even think about the french fries,” says Calgarian Bette Howie. Even if the fries themselves aren’t flour-coated, they’re usually crisped in the same fryer as other flour-coated items, and are easily contaminated.

Read the full article here.

PS If you’re ever passing through Cochrane, Alberta, don’t miss the GF Patisserie, mentioned in the article. I love their flax bread! Check out their blog here.


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