Bard’s Beer – It’s Gluten Free!

12 Nov

My boyfriend came home excited the other night proclaiming “I’ve found gluten free beer!” We both assumed gf beer was something we’d have to really search for, but there it was, keeping its cool in one of the beer & wine stores we frequent. Who knew?!

We used the beer to marinate some steaks in, which we’re doing again today. The funny thing is, I never liked beer in the first place, so I wasn’t too sad about that when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I was only concerned that I could still drink wine!

So I can’t really give a fair review of the beer itself – the bf tells me it’s a dark stout. He wanted me to give it a try, which I did, but he told me not to like it too much, as it cost $18 Canadian for 6 bottles!

So, we’ll likely keep it around for tenderizing meat, and I’ll stick to drinking wine and pretty pink drinks.

Bard’s Beer has some sassy marketing and packaging – love it! – and if you’re looking for a nice gluten free beer, celebrate, because it’s available in Canada!


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