Slowly, Life with Celiac Becomes Easier

25 Mar

Nobody will tell you that it’s easy in the beginning.Feeling sick, being diagnosed with Celiac, and dealing with a huge life change is just plain hard.

I’ve been on the gluten free diet for about 11 months now and I can say that although I’ve come to accept my Celiac disease, it’s still a bit hard sometimes. And I do have to remind myself that having Celiac isn’t the worst diagnosis for me symptoms that I could have received. Crones, Colitis, stomach cancer – there are much worse conditions that can’t be dealt with via strict diet change! So in that regard, I am relieved that I was diagnosed with Celiac and not something worse.

I just read this post by Anne over at Gluten Free Musings, who is celebrating her one year gluten free anniversary! Here’s a clip from her post that I can really identify with (I’m sure you do too!). I still feel this way, but slowly, life with Celiac becomes easier.

I used to get so depressed wishing I could just eat what was put in front of me, no questions asked, like all “normal” people. I wanted to go to a restaurant and just order and be done with it. I hated to feel like I was missing out, I hated to feel like people felt sorry for me, I hated that people didn’t take me seriously, I hated that I had to be extremely careful and sound like a broken record to anyone involved in preparing any food for me. I was angry and bitter, and just plain sad. I am someone who has always loved food…

I must say however, that Anne’s post has a positive ending, so don’t take it from me, please read the whole post! It’s inspiring for anyone still struggling with life with Celiac disease in their first, or third, or even tenth year of Celiac disease.

PS Anne also writes the Chicago Gluten Free Food Examiner – definitely worth a read!


One Response to “Slowly, Life with Celiac Becomes Easier”

  1. sarahjam March 25, 2010 at 5:49 pm #

    Yaaaay! A year Gluten Free! Respectin’ and representing 🙂

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