A Snack with Super Powers/Goji Berry Yogurt Parfait

1 Feb

I need to have a mid-morning snack and after seeing a big package of Goji berries on sale, I thought I’d try them. Straight of of the package they were dry and just wrong tasting. However, when I soaked them in yogurt overnight to take to work the next day, they were perfect – sweet and full of anti-oxidant goodness.

Now for the last week, I’ve been adding to my snack with super powers.

Does your snack have super powers?

To make one of your own snacks with super powers, start with a half a cup of good plain yogurt. Then add:

Combine all the ingredients and let sit for at least an hour to soften up the Goji berries. I make these the night before so I can throw them in my bag for a perfect mid-morning snack complete with protein, Omega 3’s, fibre, acidopholus, and a small amount of carbs – tasty, filling and full of super foods to amp up your daily nutrition. Now that’s a super snack!

What’s so amazing about Goji berries?

Goji’s diversity and high concentration of micro-nutrients brand it as an exceptional health food.

  • Calcium.  The primary constituent of teeth and bones, calcium also has a diverse role in soft tissues where it is involved in cardiac, neuromuscular, enzymatic, hormonal, and transport mechanisms across cell membranes.  Goji berries contain 112 mg per 100 gram serving, providing about 8-10% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).
  • Potassium.  An essential electrolyte and enzyme cofactor, dietary potassium can lower high blood pressure.  Giving about 24% of the RDI (1132mg/100 grams), goji berries are an excellent source.
  • Iron.  An oxygen carrier on hemoglobin, iron also is a cofactor for enzymes involved in numerous metabolic reactions.  Goji berry delivers 100% of RDI at 9 mg/100 grams and is regarded as one of the best sources of iron.
  • Zinc.  Essential for making proteins, DNA and functions of over 100 enzymes, zinc is involved in critical cell activities such as membrane transport and repair and growth.  Zinc in goji berries has a high content at 20% RDI.
  • Selenium.  Sometimes called the “antioxidant mineral”, selenium is often included in supplements.  Selenium has unusually high concentration in Goji berries (50 micrograms/100 grams) at nearly 100% RDI.
  • Riboflavin (B2).  An essential vitamin supporting energy metabolism, riboflavin is needed for synthesizing other vitamins and enzymes.  A daily serving of 100 grams provides the complete RDI (1.3mg).
  • Vitamin C.  A universal antioxidant vitamin protecting other antioxidant molecules from free radical damage, vitamin C content in dried berries ranges from 29mg to 148mg/100 grams.  Even at the lower estimate 35% of RDI is still provided.  Vitamin C content of fresh berries is much higher and provides the full RDI.

Nutritional information taken from the Sask Goji Power Nursery.


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