You Know You’re Celiac When…

31 Jan

I just read a great post from Jessika over at Celiac Speaks“You Know You’re Celiac When…”

It might look completely harmless. But NOT to a Celiac.

I listed some of my faves (and the ones that hit closest to home!) below, and you can find the full post at Celiac Speaks. They will make you laugh.. AND want to cry!

  • You give the bread isle the evil eye and mumble something under your breath when you walk by.
  • You cringe when people rattle off a list of ingredients that they used and say “yeah I think that’s all I used…”
  • You have to constantly explain yourself for why you cannot try someone’s dish at a dinner party.
  • You fear cross contamination to an unhealthy level.
  • You have been dared to “just eat a crumb of this bread…so I can see what happens!”
  • You know that eating gluten free is not a “diet” for losing weight.
  • You get overly excited when you see those wonderful words on the label…”gluten free”.

Read the full post!


One Response to “You Know You’re Celiac When…”

  1. Lauren January 31, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    Very fun! They’re so true…

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