I’ll take mine gluten free please!!

3 Jan

There’s been a few times when people have said to me, “why can’t you just have a bit of this (fill in the blank with a glutinous food).” Or “can’t you just cheat this once”, or “you don’t know what you’re missing out on!” Well guess what – I do know what I’m “missing” out on; I was only diagnosed with Celiac 7 months ago!I'll take mine gluten free please!

I know the taste of fresh French bread, I know what it’s like to go to any restaurant, any time, and eat straight off the menu, I know what it’s like to never have to read a single ingredient list. And do I miss it? NO!

Yes, I do occasionally miss some of my favourite foods and I’m slowly learning to recreate most of them in a gluten-free style, but I do not miss being sick!  I’m finally starting the slow healing process of Celiac disease, my iron levels are slowing going up, and I don’t feel nausious after every single meal. (Except for when I have milk – please let me not be allergic to milk too!) Why would I want to go back to that?!

I do know however, that no one ever tries to be ignorant about Celiac, it’s just a lack of education that has people thinking that “a little can’t hurt” or “can you really get sick from a little amount of cross-contamination.”

The other day I stopped by a bakery while my brother and sister-in-law picked up some flax bread. I saw mini signs on select items (such as meringues) that said “gluten free.” I asked if the items were made in a separate kitchen. They weren’t. Separate dishes? No. The girl behind the counter said they can’t guarantee that the items are completely gluten free, but that they should be “gluten free enough.” Right! I’m sticking by my laurels – if they don’t know anything about Celiac disease or food allergies in general, I’m not consuming it!

I’m super appreciative for the education that is slowly emerging about Celiac disease in the media, like this article in the Huffington Post yesterday. The more we all know, the better off we will all be, whether we have Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or any other food allergies! I’ll take mine gluten free please!!


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