Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas from Karina’s Kitchen

29 Nov

Karina's Chicken Enchiladas - Yum!

For some reason, I find myself continually trying recipes from the Karina’s Kitchen (aka Gluten Free Goddess!) blog. They’re simple (at least the ones I choose to make!) and tasty, a must for the lazy gf chef.

I love Mexican food so I thought I’d try out the Karina’s Kitchen “Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada” recipe. Wow, did it ever turn out well! In fact, it tasted more “authentically Mexican” than anything I’ve had in awhile, closer to the Mexican I ate last year in San Diego, compared to anything I’ve had in Canada, or anything I’ve attempted to make before.

In fact, I think I discovered my missing Mexican ingredient – cumin. While I’ve recently discovered the wonders of green chilis in Mexican dishes (I didn’t even know I could get those at the supermarket!), I found out making these enchiladas that cumin – something I keep on skipping over because I didn’t have it in my kitchen – gives Mexican dishes that true authentic flavour. Or at least in my limited knowledge of what Mexican should taste like, which I plan on exploring!

Now, I can’t say that my attempt at chicken enchiladas came out looking like Karina’s, I do plan on posting the picture, which I actually took the day after I made the dish. I guess I was lazy – I was so content after eating my plate of enchiladas that I completely vegged out with my glass of white wine after that. What a good night!


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