Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Bread Mix and Crofter’s Organic Super Fruit Spread!

19 Nov

This is the first time I've eaten an entire load of gluten free bread - fresh, aka without having to freeze it so it wouldn't go moldy. I ate it with soups but loved it most with JAM!, as it has a sort of sweetness to it.

I bought Pamela’s Bread Mix and Flour Blend from my neighbourhood organic food store a few months ago but hadn’t yet attempted to make it. Then last night, my boyfriend surprised me and had it waiting for me, warm and still steaming from the oven, when I got home from work – what a sweetheart!

He said it was pretty easy to make and bonus – the yeast packet came in the package. Add some eggs and oil and ta da – a delicious gluten free bread that weighs two pounds when cooked – yes, two pounds! (Dense gluten free bread has taken me some getting used to!)

I ate the bread with my potato soup but since it has a subtle sweetness to it, I can’t wait to eat it with my favourite jam, the Asian-inspired super fruit spread from Crofter’s Organic. This jam actually contains “yum berry.” Can

Crofter's Organic Superfruit Spreads

Crofter's Organic Superfruit Spreads

you believe it?!

It’s very sweet and slightly tangy and really complements the cake-like sweetness of gluten free breads!

Anyways, two great products and you can buy them north of the border!

PS. My My best friend Sarah J gave me the jam and she writes all about Jam in particular in her children’s books – A JAM STORY – and on her amazing blog, The Jam Revolution! So cute.

Sneak peek - my best friend's blog and cute JAM books


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